As the employment map of the world is transforming with the latest trends in the tech domain, the skills in demand also keep variating with the emanating needs. Living in 2020 means we are lucky to see the century of the tremendous tech revolution.

With the rising technological advancements, people shift their focus towards the skills that are highly in-demand. We can clearly see a significant evolution in the field of technology during the last two decades that enable us to live by taking out all the contradictions and saving our time and money.

Canada has a prominent recognition in the diversified domains that require the latest skills and this country feels pride in its large talent pool due to the diversity factor. Canadian citizens get prodigious opportunities for progression in the growing world.

This shift towards technology has made it possible for Calgary and Kitchener to be the next tech hubs for Canada. The transmutation due to technology is reversing the gear of under-employment in the country that will maximize the chances of employment for the young energetic minds.

Now let’s discuss the hottest tech skills that are making their way in Canada during 2020, and how these skills could offer great earning opportunities to the individuals:


Top 10 skills in Canada in 2020


1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence that is also known as machine intelligence has been one of the rising tech fields. A field that has been established in contrast to natural intelligence or human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence specialists develop systems and software to work like a human brain and provide a solution to complex situations instantly. Face recognition and voice recognition software are an example of artificial intelligence.

The function of an artificial intelligence specialist is to work on the systems which help in gathering the information and then taking action on the commands of the operating system based on the information. If we look at the stats of the last 5 years, we could see that the hiring of this role has been increased to 85 percent annually in Canada and the future will add up more value to this percentage due to the encouraging trends of this skill.

2. Data Scientist

The task of a data scientist is to extract information from various structured and unstructured forms of data. This information and insight are gathered with the help of algorithms, scientific methods, systems, and processes.

Data scientists are required in multiple industries because of a gargantuan amelioration in the tech field and its application in almost every sphere of life. Important skills that are imperative for doing this job include data science, machine learning, apache-spark, etc.

The latest report from the Information and Communications Technology Council states that Canada’s data analytics market is expected to contribute approximately $1.8 billion annually in revenue. The data market is envisaged to increase the rate of employment up to 43,000 jobs by 2020 in Canada.

3. Cyber Security Specialist

As we tend to rely more and more on computers and technology in the modern world, our stakes jump to a higher level of insecurity when we talk about the security of our networks, systems, and information when we are connected to the internet.

There has been a rise in the instances of data theft, damaging the system, spoiling electronic data and software with cyber-attacks. Due to the awareness regarding the criticality of cybersecurity, companies prefer to hire competent cybersecurity specialists to save themselves from big losses.

As per a survey, 19 million Canadians showed their concerns related to their data security and this wave invites an increased demand for cybersecurity specialists. The increased demand for cybersecurity professionals in Canada has led to the opening of a cybersecurity centre in Ottawa which gives a positive signal about the future of this skill.

4. JavaScript Developer

JavaScript is a programming language that is highly in-demand in the ongoing scenario of the high-tech decade. Due to the modern trends in tech, coding into the JavaScript language has increased the demand of developers in Canada.

JavaScript engine is part of all the major web browsers along with the core technology of the World Wide Web that join hands to operate the system. Learning JavaScript language is quite propitious as it further helps the candidate to develop new apps for any platform. That’s why the Canadian population is more inclined towards learning this remunerative skill.

5. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

The goal of the Site Reliability Engineer is to create reliable software systems for the infrastructure and other operational applications. Operational processes that are working great on our apps are a part of the Site Reliability Engineers’ job who makes sure that our apps run smoothly.

The specific skills that are being used by site reliability engineers are not limited to any domain rather these skills can be seen in Terraform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, and other platforms that can also overlap with other fields in software engineering.

Due to the intermingling of various desired skills, SRE is among the top trending skills in Canada that are part of the highest paid jobs and it will mark its feet in 2020.

6. Data Engineer

This skill is continuously growing in Canada since 2015 and is foreseen as part of the top 10 skills in Canada during 2020. There is a big chunk of the Canadian population who seems to be fascinated by this trending skill and they are on their way to master it.

The job of a data engineer is none other than preparing data for operational as well as analytical uses. The tasks of data engineers vary through different organizations that incorporate dealing with both structured as well as unstructured data.

Every company and organization needs the services of data engineers to organize their data perfectly. So, this skill will remain highly in-demand across Canada due to the diverse range of industries.

7. Full-Stack Engineer

The full-stack developer has also been known as a web developer that plays its role in the development of the World Wide Web. Like other fields of engineering, full-stack engineers are required to be skilled in various techniques such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and many other similar domains.

Canada is considered as the hub of opportunities when it comes to the field of engineering. Talking about the scope of full-stack engineering in Canada means unlimited opportunities to grow in this unique field during the current year.

8. Software Engineer 

The task of a software engineer is to maintain computer software by the application of software engineering principles that are not only restricted to maintain but also evaluating, development, testing, and designing of new software.

It is rightly said that in the coming years, there will be plenty of opportunities for the qualified software engineers and due to the expansion in this field, but there won’t be enough candidates who could fill the vacant positions in Canada.

9. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with aircraft development along with spacecraft that is further divided into aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering for a comprehensive understanding of this field.

As technology is overshadowing a large number of fields at quite a fast pace, its growth could also be visible in the aerospace domain too. With an enhanced level of productivity and growth, it increases job opportunities not only to the Canadians but also for the other countries of the world.

A large number of top universities in Canada are offering a degree in Aerospace Engineering keeping in view the significance of this skill in the modern tech-savvy environment in the country.

10. Industrial Engineer

Contrary to the other professions of engineering, industrial engineers require less education. The task of industrial engineers usually involves repairing industrial machines and equipment along with testing and installation of new machinery. Their knowledge involves the subjects of mathematics, social sciences, and physical sciences.

The industrial engineers will remain among the highly paid technical professionals in Canada during 2020 due to the expanding industrial sector all over the country. The Canadian people with average educational backgrounds prefer to join the technical educational institutions for their qualification as industrial engineers because being an industrial engineer in Canada requires a strong skill set by learning about the new machinery and facilities.

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