For your business to be its best, you need to bring in the best talent to work for you. There are many things you can do to achieve this, for example working with a recruitment consultant, such as TalentVault can help you acquire talented members for your team. You also need to develop a reputation as a good place to work. The values and culture of your organisation are as important as the salary you offer.

The Importance of Reviews

People read online reviews before they buy a new shampoo or decide where they will eat dinner. In a candidate driven market they will look at reviews of your company before deciding if they want to work with you. The main place where employees review companies is Glassdoor. This site has become the first place people look when they are applying for a new job. How your company comes across here matters.

Reviews as an Indicator of Success

It’s hard to have a good company score on Glassdoor. People who are unhappy are more likely to leave reviews, as it acts as an outlet for their frustrations. Those who are happy and content don’t feel they need to do anything. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to look good on Glassdoor. If you want to improve your reputation as an employer, you will need to have a plan. Look at measurable metrics, such as your overall score or the ratio of good to bad reviews, and set about improving them.

How to Get Good Reviews

The most important thing to do to get good reviews is to be a good employer. When you get bad reviews, try not to be automatically defensive, but see if there are any legitimate complaints that you can learn from. The other way to get good reviews is to ask your current staff members to write them. Choose employees who you know enjoy their work or who have been with you a long time. If you explain how it helps the company and give them some guidance for writing the reviews, most will be happy to do so. Don’t post all these reviews at once as that can look suspicious and means that after a while they can get buried under poor reviews. Create a schedule to put the reviews up monthly.

How to Respond to Reviews

It can be tempting to ignore a bad review so as not to give them any legitimacy. This is a bad move as it gives the impression that you don’t care about what your employees think. Offer constructive responses and show that you have systems in place to deal with any complaints that staff might have. Be careful not to get into public arguments with reviewers, as that is always a bad look. Respond to all positive reviews to let them know how much you appreciate their words and their work.

5 Tips for a Great Glassdoor Profile

  • In your company description include your mission and values.
  • Make sure all your details are accurate and up to date.
  • Post HD photos of your company culture and employees interacting.
  • Highlight any additional employee benefits.
  • Choose a featured review (only available with paid membership)

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